Welcome! to Renaissance Health, the home site of our Premier products. Please familiarize yourself with our world-class wellness drink, Alive Again! and the research information on the benefits of the anti-oxidant rich and super-fruit nutritional ingredients in Alive Again! as well as our other products.

  • Protect good health & improve it
  • Optimize digestion & fight disease
  • Reduce inflammation & enhance energy
  • Feel Alive Again! with its 75+ nutrients

Go here to see Alive Again! and its benefits

Renaissance Health is the developer of premier nutritional products.  Our flagship product, Alive Again! is the result of decades of studies and millions of dollars spent on research, and developed by one of the founding members of the International Aloe Science Council (IASC).*

Developed by one of the founding members of The International ALOE Science Council, Alive Again! is Vegan and Gluten free and provides a healthy, natural, anti-oxidant rich, great tasting Super-fruit drink to support a healthier quality of life.  It is the Premier Wellness drink, and an easy way to get a healthy portion of your daily fruit requirements in a health-enhancing nutritional delivery system.

Go here to see Alive Again! and its benefits